Dunes March Madness

The AAU Super Regional is a National AAU Sponsored Event. Winners in each age division will have all or part of their fee waived for AAU Nationals. The refund is a sliding scale 100%-30% based on number of teams entered in a division. 12 teams equals full refund, any less than 12 teams would be paid on a percentage basis .

Playing Waves (Week 1)

Division # Teams Wave
16 Open/Club 29 AM
17 Open/Club 13 PM
18 Open/Club 21 PM

Playing Waves (Week 2)

Division # Teams Wave
12 Girls 15 AM
13 Girls 12 PM
14 Girls 24 PM
15 Girls 19 AM



New Buffalo High School Dunes Events Center (DEC)  New Prairie Middle School
1112 East Clay St 110 Clear Lake Blvd  5333 N Cougar Rd
New Buffalo, MI 49117 LaPorte, IN 46350  New Carlisle, IN 46552

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